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My Story

I discovered Reiki when I was studying Quantum Physics. After years of working in 'end of life' care I was very interested in energy and where it goes as life ends. I'd describe myself as having a scientific mind, needing explanation and reason. Reiki made complete sense to me and the more I learned, the more fascinated I became. 

Reiki isn't just a healing system, it's a way of life. It's a very gentle, caring and intelligent way of living and something that's greatly needed in the world today.

I am trained in Usui reiki, which is the traditional, unaltered form of Reiki. I was taught in person, one to one, by a Reiki Master. My lineage can be traced all the way back to Mikai Usui. I have my first degree, my second degree, my Master Degree and I am a memeber of the Reiki Guild.

Yoga at Home

My Approach

My treatments are tailor made to my client's requirements. I love to make the whole session a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience. Allowing clients to choose all the elements they'd like to add and making the session completely their style creates the best atmosphere for healing.

Some of the options clients can choose from are the music, I have various different types or maybe ambient sounds instead. For example - a crackling fire or rain on the roof tops, the wind whistling through pine trees. Lighting is another option, I have soft lamps or you can choose candle light. I also offer the option of incense and more ceremonial items such as white sage smudging.

Ive always found that when the client is truly comfortable and relaxed, great healing happens.

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